Pilates South Bay is a Pilates Studio on Pacific Coast Highway in Redondo Beach, California servicing the surrounding beach cities of Palos Verdes, Redondo, Torrance, Hermosa and Manhattan Beach.  We offer Private Sessions, Group Sessions, Sessions for Expecting Moms and even cardio classes. Have fun while we help you with your search for: Core Strengthening, WEIGHT LOSS, Better Sleep, Revitalization, Less Pain, Sculpted Musculature & Improved Posture!Pilates is an amazing way to get in touch with your body.  Whether you're an athlete or recovering from injury or pregnant or a new mom, you'll be thrilled with your results and the pleasure pilates brings you!  We understand that Pilates may be your main form of exercise or it may be just a part of your healthy lifestyle and we've structured our packages accordingly. The Owner specializes in private sessions with students over 65.  
PILATES REFORMER CLASSES:  Our  50 minute Reformer Classes are customized to the individual class members and have no more than 7 attendees.  Each class covers Reformer Basics, (learning to change springs, adjust footbar, etc.) and also covers Pilates Breathing and basic Fitness Fundamentals.  You will appreciate the Reformer for it's ablity to stretch and strengthen you all at once.  Reformer work is a fun, creative way to take the Pilates Journey.  Reformer classes are offered for the over 50 crowd, expecting moms, conditioned athletes and for the avid golfer.  See schedule on homepage for dates and times. 
25  MINUTE CARDIO JUMPBOARD CLASSES: Our 30 minute cardio jumpboard class is designed to give you a full body cardio workout in 30 minutes.  A perfect combination is a 30 minute cardio jumpboard class with a reformer class.  We listen to fun music and get sweaty! You've got to try it to see how much fun it is! 
PRIVATE PILATES REFORMER SESSIONS:  Private sessions are 50 minutes of one on one instruction with a Certified Pilates Instructor.  With Private Sessions you can find out about your body and learn to quickly take ques from your Pilates Instructor.  You will learn Pilates Basics, Reformer Basics, and enjoy a customized work out.  Private Sessions are the perfect way to begin your Pilates Journey, or to continue with your self discovery - it's all about you!  
PRE-NATAL PILATES REFORMER CLASSES & PRIVATES: For the changing pregnant body, special care and instruction is needed.  The PSB Pilates Reformer classes for pregnancy are designed with safety and comfort for the new Mom in mind.  This repertiore consists of traditional pilates strengthening combined with the wonderful stretching ability that the reformer allows.  Enjoy an hour to yourself as an experienced, compassionate instructor helps you to relieve some tension and keep your back strong.  Sometimes pregnant students can blend with a regular class and take special precautions and modifications. 

What the heck is Pilates?Pilates (pronounced Pi-lah-tees) is a system of body conditioning designed to strengthen and lengthen the body's muscles with emphasis on reducing incidence of back pain and injury.  Pilates was developed over 80 years ago by Joseph Pilates. It is appropriate for all ages because it tones and strengthens the muscles without impacting the joints. It improves posture and strengthens the parts of the body that age attacks, including the stomach muscles, inner thighs and upper arms. Pilates can be done with and without apparatus based on eight basic principles.  Many forms of exercise create tightening of certain muscles while over stretching others. Pilates is a method that aims to create a balance in the body, designed to cater for the needs of the individual. The aim is to improve flexibility and strength and to create a balance in the body. It includes comprehensive regulation of the physical functions and leads to physical and mental relaxation.  Ever heard of a REFORMER?
The reformer is a piece of resistance exercise equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. It consists of a platform that moves back and forth along a carriage. Resistance is provided by the exerciser's body weight and by springs attached to the carriage and platform.