Pilates South Bay - TESTIMONIALS - Redondo Beach, CA


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“Michelle is extremely attentive and challenges my physical abilities. Her sessions bring focus and balance to my busy daily routine as a career mom and an athlete.” 
Jeanine Dalis-Klima, CEO, Dalis Development

I am a 72 year old woman and I am happy to say that I don't have an ache or pain in my body.  I have had several back injuries which in the past have been extremely painful.  Michelle at Pilates South Bay is an excellent personal trainer and pilates instructor.  I take sessions twice a week and I enjoy the time spent with my classmates.  Michelle is knowledgeable and the studio feels spacious and clean.  The equipment is up to date and the prices are so reasonable.  The experience is enhanced by Michelle's delightful personality.  I always leave with a smile! -Dr. Elaine Gourley

"Michelle is a leader and motivator who is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Set your expectations high and be ready to see your body and life change."
Chris Gregory - Former Broadway Performer/Dancer
“I've been working out with Michelle twice a week for the last three months. I can't believe my results. I find myself breathing much better everyday and walking taller.”
Gail Miller – Science & Technology Coordinator, Pharmavite
“Michelle’s voice has a smooth and calming affect. I always feel relaxed and stress-free during and after each session.”
Anna Aguilar – Assistant HR Director, NLACRC